Deliver Job Location

The location of the deliver job.

The deliver job is a great way to earn a quick buck, I find that the majority of people who do the job are new players, this would be because its a nice simple job that can earn you a fair bit of money. You can get the job just across the road from the mall as seen in the picture to the side. You can always use /ask if you need anymore help.

What can I do?

  1. You are able to get supplies.
  2. You can sell the supplies to stores around Los Santos
How can I get the supplies?
Getsupplies Location

The location of where you get the supplies.

  1. Once you have become a deliver you will need to go to Ocean Docks to retrieve the supplies with /getsupplies if you need help finding where you get the supplies look at the map to the side or use /ask
  2. You will need to select what store you want supply you want, there are Grocery Supplies which you deliver to 24/7's, Clothes which you deliver to skin shops, Alcohol which you deliver to bars / clubs and there is food which you deliver to restaurants.

How can I sell the supplies?

  1. Once you have got your supplies you need to deliever it to the correct store, now that you know the correct store you will need to head to one, once you get to the store you will type /sellsupplies and you should get $500 if not it will tell you that the store is not accepting deliveries, if it says that you will need to check the other stores around Los Santos to see if they are accepting.